Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hair Loss Solutions

Hair loss is maybe the creepiest thing that might happen to women. Our hair is our crown of glory and we really do everything to make it look prettier and attractive. Healthy hair is always envied by many and each woman is wishing for a strong healthy, beautiful hair. This is one of the health problems that is usual to women.

Before we discuss the solutions for "hair loss", why don't we analyze first the causes? The main cause of hair fall believe me or not is... "Stress!" For a woman, always make yourself happy! Go out with friends or do something that you really love. Forget the problems and relax a little. Reward yourself sometimes for the hard-works. 

- intensive massage of scalp
-too much shampooing
-imbalanced diet
- 3 months after delivery
- excessive hair treatment 
- excessive combing
-fungal infections

- for symptoms of hair fall see a dermatologist right away.
- do not stop your medication. 
- buy mild shampoo
- avoid combing wet hair
- healthy diet
- don't pull your hair too much when in ponytails.
- avoid scratching your scalp intensively
- go to a secure and most trusted salon or beauty parlor for hair treatments like rebonding, relaxing, straightening, curling, etc...

Hope these information help everyone! Thanks for reading!

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