Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hair Loss Solutions

Hair loss is maybe the creepiest thing that might happen to women. Our hair is our crown of glory and we really do everything to make it look prettier and attractive. Healthy hair is always envied by many and each woman is wishing for a strong healthy, beautiful hair. This is one of the health problems that is usual to women.

Before we discuss the solutions for "hair loss", why don't we analyze first the causes? The main cause of hair fall believe me or not is... "Stress!" For a woman, always make yourself happy! Go out with friends or do something that you really love. Forget the problems and relax a little. Reward yourself sometimes for the hard-works. 

- intensive massage of scalp
-too much shampooing
-imbalanced diet
- 3 months after delivery
- excessive hair treatment 
- excessive combing
-fungal infections

- for symptoms of hair fall see a dermatologist right away.
- do not stop your medication. 
- buy mild shampoo
- avoid combing wet hair
- healthy diet
- don't pull your hair too much when in ponytails.
- avoid scratching your scalp intensively
- go to a secure and most trusted salon or beauty parlor for hair treatments like rebonding, relaxing, straightening, curling, etc...

Hope these information help everyone! Thanks for reading!

Milk In my Pregnancy

In my first trimester of pregnancy, my doctor advised me to drink milk.I won't mention the milk's brand.As a preggy, I didn't like the taste even if it's chocolate flavor. It was disgusting. But I know how important it is not only for me, but for my baby as well. So I switched to other milks like, cow's milk, really! Also, I ate a lot of cereals and put milk as my alternative. One of my friend, (a mother of one) said, "It doesn't really matter if you drink or not. Our moms didn't actually drink maternal- milk in their pregnancy, did they? Even my doctor told me that."
Then again, I know the benefits that it can give us both. My baby and I. I'm in my third trimester now and hoping it isn't too late yet. My partner and I bought the milk that my OB-GYN has recommended me. I chose the plain one and drank a glass before I slept... It tastes great! I really wish I didn't listen to others' opinion that "chocolate flavor tastes better." 

Benefits of Milk 
It's an important source of vitamin D, calcium, riboflavin, protein and energy. 
It also has folic acid and DHA to help you baby's brain and body development.

Most Prescribed Milk for Pregnant women:
Anmum Materna
by: Esvee Jane  V. Sangalang

Miss Universe 2011: Shamcey Supsup Won 3rd Place

Many Filipinos believed that Shamcey Supsup should win the title, because Shamcey is more deserving. And she proved that on the Question and Answer portion! Many were blown away by her answer to the question,
“Would you change your religious beliefs to marry the person that you love? Why or why not?”asked by Vivica A. Fox
Shamcey replied, “If I had to change my religious beliefs, I would not marry the person that I love because the first person I love is God, who created me. I have my faith and my principles, and this is what makes me who I am. And if that person loves me, he should love my God, too.”
Evidently, she is stunning, intelligent and amazing overall! But let’s not take for granted the fact that Ms. Angola really did a good job, not at the Q&A but at Swimsuit and Evening Gown. She also looks like Venus Raj many noticed that. Remember that Venus hair were also pulled back that way during the previous Miss Universe Competition. Many Filipinos also expected that Shamcey would be able to get to the finals and they were right about it! Also, some guessed that she might also get Venus’ spot as 4th Placer, but she actually proved them wrong.
I read many tweets and these are the tweets that really caught my eye….
pokwang27 marietta subong 
Ang taray ng Philippines ( shamcey Supsup) sya lang ang walang interpreter?? 
Hahahahahaha Unkabogable talaga!!!

pokwang27 marietta subong 
uso ang interpreter ngayon mag hahanap ako ng personal kong interpreter at araw2 ko syang kasama! Ganyan pala ang peg para manalo? Kakaloka!

CHOKOLEITwits Ⅽ H ❍₭❍ L E I T ®™✓ 
The answer may not be universal, from a question that is bilateral, but Shamcey spoke in a language considered as global. Wag ng umepal.☺

I must say, that Ms. Universe 2011 is not bias. Ms. Angola really deserves the crown. But I still can’t figure out how Shamcey didn’t get the higher spot that she really deserves. Anyway and anyhow, all of us are happy; at least she’s able to represent not only our country with dignity, but also the Filipinos’ faith in God.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Independent Woman(Story of my Life)

eA woman with strong faith, belief, and love for others is an independent woman. Because like me I always put God in the center of my life. In the early stages of my life I accepted every trial without worries. Right now I can say I survived my holocaust life. I said that because just last June 8, 2011 my mother died in complication of diabetes and also I didn't see my father since birth, that's why nobody can guide me right now except my strong faith in God with the aid of His guidance. I admit I've had mistakes and wrong decisions in my life. When I'm so down and weary and can't handle it anymore, I cry like a child who is so far away with his or her love ones. But in the end I always cheer up myself and be delighted because I know I can make it. whatever happens, I will pass all these trials in my life as an independent woman. 

By: Catherine Manalo- Aquino

Human Stillbirth


The causes of a large percentage of human stillbirths remain unknown, even in cases where extensive testing and autopsy have been performed. A rarely used term to describe these is sudden antenatal death syndrome or SADS, a phrase coined by Cacciatore & Collins in 2000.

In cases where the cause is known, some possibilities of the cause of death are:

-bacterial infection
-birth defects, especially pulmonary hypoplasia
-chromosomal aberrations
-growth retardation
-intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy
-maternal diabetes
-high blood pressure, including preeclampsia
-maternal consumption of recreational drugs (such as alcohol, nicotine, etc.) or pharmaceutical drugs contraindicated in pregnancy
-postdate pregnancy
-placental abruptions
-physical trauma
-radiation poisoning
-Rh disease
-umbilical cord accidents

by: Noreen Natonton